Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners 

Teams at Work

The Trio of June, Terry & Buddy was found out toward Smithville cutting hay the end of May. 

VIDEO of Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners at Short Mountain Distillery.  Compliments of "Dixie Longears".

Over a dozen teams of mules and approximately 20 Middle Tennessee Mule Skinner Members attended the disking at the Short Mountain Distillery on April 14, 2012.  With close to 100 by-standers venturing over throughout the day from the distillery tour it was a busy day for the Longears in disking and getting their pictures made.  One visitor summed it up as she watched the mules work, "this brings back such fond memories of my childhood and time with my father".  For most who take up this hobby, it is such a simple pleasure to ride behind a working mule and hear nothing but the clicking, rattling and clanking of the harness as these animals work their ways through the fields.

Enjoy the slide show below of the disking.